To enhance the wealth generating capability of the enterprise in a globalizing environment, delivering superior and sustainable stakeholder value.

MABCO's diversified status originates from its corporate strategy aimed at creating multiple drivers of growth anchored on its time-tested core competencies: unmatched distribution reach, superior brand-building capabilities, effective supply chain management and acknowledged service skills. Over time, the strategic forays into new businesses are expected to garner a significant share of these emerging high-growth markets in Bangladesh.



Sustain Mabco’s position as one of country’s most valuable corporations through world class performance, creating growing value for the country’s economy and the Company’s stakeholders.

As one of Country’s most valuable and respected corporations, Mabco is widely perceived to be dedicatedly nation-oriented. The source of inspiration lies in "a commitment beyond the capacity". Mabco believes that its aspiration to create enduring value for the nation provides the motive force to sustain growing shareholder value.



Mabco practices this philosophy by not driving each of its business towards international competitiveness but by also consciously contributing to enhancing the competitiveness to the highest level.

Mabco employs over 500 people across the country. The Company continuously endeavors to enhance its wealth generating capabilities in a globalizing environment to consistently reward, fulfill the aspirations of its employees and meet societal expectations. This over-arching vision of the company is expressively captured in its corporate positioning statement: "For the nation. For the Partners. For the people"

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